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Return Policy

General Guideline on Returns and Exchanges
According to the provisions the Consumer Protection Act, in protection of our consumers’ rights, every product we provide is eligible for a cooling-off period of 7 days.

1. A cooling-off period is not a free trial period. All products must be returned unused and intact, including the product entities and all accompanying accessories, zipper bags, or packing bags). Please confirm that you do not leave out any of them lest your interests be hurt.

2. All products must be returned in its intact original packaging and with complete accessories. Consumers are responsible for the delivery cost.

3. The exterior packaging is considered part of the product. In case of loss, damage, or lack, your returns right might be affected. The cost of restoration will be deducted from your refund according to the degree of damage. 

4. Returning a full order:all items (including gifts) in the order must be fully returned. The return application will be rejected if the return package fails to include all the items and gifts.

5. Returning selected items of an order: Besides the selected items, gifts must be returned too in case that the return results in failure to hit the target amount to be eligible for the gifts. The full prices of the gifts will be deducted from your refund if the gifts are not returned.

6. All returns or exchanges must be applied within seven days you receive the order (in reference to the record of the back-end system and the application email). Please send back the products the next day you file the application to facilitate the returning process.

7. Every order is eligible for returns and exchanges application for only ONE time. If you fail to complete the process by sending back the products out of personal reasons, the application will be automatically cancelled. No reapplication is allowed.

8. Please use only inkless packing papers/bags/cartons. Do not paste the application form directly on the products. Please add a new packaging to avoid damaging the product’s appearance or its original packaging.

9. For the cancellations that involve Credits, you can drop us a mail at to ask for a return of those vouchers spent. As the returning of vouchers is not handled automatically by the system, it could take some time. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

10.As you file the returns and exchanges application form, that means you agree with our returning principles and entrust us with handling the follow-up tasks such as invalidating the first invoice and generating a second invoice.

How to request a refund or a replacement?
1. Leave a message on our website: login to access the message box on the Orders page. Notify us about the products for which you hope to receive a refund or a replacement.
2. Drop us a mail at Notify us about the products for which you hope to receive a refund or a replacement.

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