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Tea brewing tips


The art of serving and drinking tea is a specialtyof Chinese culture. Harmony, tranquil and aroma are at the heart of teaceremony.  


Sit back and hold a nice cup of tea in both hands.The temperature of the tea warms your palms. Sip and taste the tea, the aromaand flavor soothes your heart. You can always make your own tea ceremony athome, even without a tea set. It's completely hassle-free!


Simply take a tea bag, you can experience a goodcup of tea whenever and wherever you are, leaving the hustle and bustle totallybehind.

But how to make a nice cup of good tea by a teabag? Just take 3 steps.

§ Preparations

1. A heat-resistant cup

2. Your favorite tea bag 

3. Boiling water up to 85˚C (250~350ml)

§ Steps

Step 1. Heating the cup: pour hot water in the cupand release the water after 10 seconds

Step 2. Infusing the tea: add a tea bag in the cupand infuse in 250~350ml of hot water

Step 3. Steeping the tea: steep the tea for 3minutes and remove the tea bag

Step 4. Now you are ready to serve the perfect cupof tea.


§ Notes

For hot tea, it's highly recommended to use ceramicvessels, instead of thermos.

Taste is subjective and personal - make adjustmentsof amount of water that best suit your flavor preferences.

§ Tea Selections: Red AgateOolong, Honey Scented Black Tea, Jasmine Black Tea, Antrodia cinnamonea Tzen Oolong Tea, and Pomelo Oolong Tea