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2019 Taipei│Taiwan International Tea Exhibition

Fragrance Aesthetics took part for the first time in the annual Taiwan International Tea Exhibition. The topic of this session was “The Secrets of Health-Care and Anti-Aging.” Various flavors of black tea, Oolong tea, and colorful flower herbal tea were free for participators to enjoy during the session. Those tea products are made with natural fragrant herbs, with artificial sugar substituted with natural stevia sugar for drinkers to experience safe and worry-free consumption.

Fragrance Aesthetics is committed to establishing correct concepts in natural health care so as to promote healthy and cheerful lifestyle. This show session is themed with “The Secrets of Health-Care and Anti-Aging”, with the goal of promoting methods regarding health-care and anti-aging among the public. The leading products “Antrodia Cinnamomea” series become the most popular attraction of the entire session. The secrets of health care begin with consuming functional drink and quality tea.

Fragrance Aesthetics shares with you about the secrets of health care and anti-aging. Antrodia cinnamomea Tzen Oolong Tea and Antrodia cinnamomea Fruiting Body Coffee are provided for the public to enjoy during the session. Special thanks to all attending officials and guests across various disciplinaries for their participation and guidance in discussing the keys to successful health care.

2019 Taipei│Taiwan International Tea Exhibition│2019.11.15-18

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