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2017 Taoyuan│Flower Herbs and Agricultural Technology

Fragrance of Flower Herbs in Plant Factories Loaded with the plump grains bending stems Is the luxuriant harvest of rice and soybean.
Of all the premium teas The blooming herb reigns supreme.

Plant factories are the convergence of various emerging modes of quality technological agriculture, which is of utmost relevance to our pure and clean diets in the future. The fully automatized energy-saving control of lightning and air conditioning frees cultivation from the limits of climate and location. Under the conditions of zero disease and pest infestation, the yield of plant factories reaches up to 500-1000 times that of traditional soil cultivation. Moreover, the low number of active bacteria on the leaves also prevents them from rotting, reducing water usage to only five percent that of traditional soil cultivation. From these data we can totally envision a whole new outlook brought by agricultural technology.

The workshop invited 廖本衛, CEO of 欣興植物工廠, to give a talk on fragrant herb cultivation in plant factories and application of fragrant herbs in bio-tech products. He gave a tour of some advanced technological plant factories and shared about the advantages of agricultural technology as well as some of his interesting experiences. Also invited to the workshop was 胡士懷, CEO of 郁達農業科技. His talk was about the evolution of herbal tea and organic cultivation. He discussed the differences between domestic and foreign production of herbal tea and their developmental progress. Herbal tea products with impressive multi-gradational flavor and rich texture were created using organic cultivation and formulas with modified proportions.

Fragrance Aesthetics brings you to the sites of plant factories in this activity centered on the blooming herb. Let us explore the origin of herbal tea, share some interesting experiences about traditional organic cultivation and plant factory cultivation, and savor natural organic Five-Colors herbal tea. Special thanks to all attending guests for their enthusiastic participation in listening to the impressive talks, visiting plant factory sites, and elaborating on several intriguing topics regarding agricultural innovation.

Taoyuan│Flower Herbs and Agricultural Technology│2017.11.04

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