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2017 Taichung│Flower Herbs and Tea Culture

Flower Herbs —the resplendent bounty of nature
Tea Pottery— the deep-indented imprint of human civilization

Indulging every cherished moment of self-meditation, while watching the smoke rises as tea boils. Straddled at the juncture of nature and civilization, how do we sing to the mellifluous pieces of spiritual musicality? With a tea pottery filled with colorful herbal tea in hands, the warm and rustic touch, the light and restrained flavor, and the arresting natural fragrance all combine to delineate a sunlit afternoon spectacle of lovely spring, a mere conception of which should suffice to soothe every wearied soul.


This workshop invited two professional experts from two different areas to share with us about the wonders of herbal tea and tea pottery. 
胡士懷, CEO of 郁達農業科技, clung to his idea of zero-pollution and high-efficiency production and successfully cultivated natural fresh fragrant herbs. After countless attempts of formula modification, he finally created a series of herbal tea products with impressive multi-gradational flavors and rich texture, affording the drinker an aromatic and palatable pleasure.
呂嘉靖, a pottery expert well-versed in both academic theory and creative practice, holds a MFA degree of National Taiwan University of Arts and has been actively engaging in pottery making and teaching for nearly forty years. His works are commonly listed in exhibitions, awards, and special collections, both at home and abroad. He also published a series of books on lifestyle pottery and children pottery.


Fragrance Aesthetics shares with you the memorable moments in various aspects of life brought by herbal tea and tea pottery. Always more to explore in both the intellectual feasts and sensory experiences prepared by us for your excitement! Special thanks to all attending guests for their active participation in experiencing the art and fragrant beauty of herbal tea and tea culture.

Taichung│Flower Herbs and Tea Culture│2017.04.29

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