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2016 Taipei│Orchids and Marketing

Strolling Gently in the Fragrant World of Orchids.  Roaming Breezily for A Graceful Life of Aesthetics.

As the saying goes, “silent valleys breed the secluded orchids.” The mild elegance of orchids never fails to captivate the aesthetic mind. Taiwan has long enjoyed a reputation of being “the Kingdom of Orchids,” with its breeding and cultivation technologies remaining unparalleled across the world over a prolonged period before its descent from the world championship amid the intense upscaling competition in the recent years.

This workshop sets you on a journey following the trajectory of native Taiwanese orchids, all the way from their serendipitous discovery in their native habitat, through their victorious emergence in international contests, and finally to their enshrinement as a national pride in Taiwanese orchid industry. Let us share with you about the splendid connections between orchids and life, in the hopes of reshaping the role of Taiwanese orchids on the international stage so that Taiwan can burnish its image as the true Formosa.

Fragrance Aesthetics—Taiwanese Orchids Conference is dedicated to presenting benchmark cases of sixth industrialization centered on Taiwanese orchids. Attendees included representatives of the organizer, Honorary Chair 陳厚銘 and Chief Secretary 傅國彰; representatives of the co-organizer,
陳淑珠, chair of Taipei Lilac Women and Children Welfare Association, 劉青山, chair of Charm Sun Phalaenopsis Biotech, 吳佳真, vice chair of Chinese International Beauty Association, and 傅和彥, chair of Future Career Publishing. Also invited to take part in the conference were 方怡丹, director of Bio-Production Division, Agriculture and Food Agency, 王仕賢, director of Tainan District Agricultural Improvement Station, 郭慶德, the national grandmaster of floral design from Taitung, and 李宗儒, professor of marketing at National Chung Hsing University. Honorary Chair 陳厚銘 suggests that the improvement of the entire industry and the formation of a complete industrial value chain will be the opportunity of future development for Taiwanese orchids.

Dr. 羅聖賢, the principal investigator of the Phalaenopsis Aphrodite (Taiwan A-Ma) Restoration Project, told the story of Taiwanese native orchids; Chair 劉青山 shared his experiences about orchid breeding, cultivation, and exportation; 邢馥枝and梁玉琦, national health care and beauty care expert assessors, talked about natural therapies and cosmetic properties of orchids, 周英戀, chief jury of national floral design technician certification, gave a live demonstration of the floral design aesthetics using Taiwanese orchids. Special thanks to our honorable guests and attendees for their enthusiastic participation in experiencing the beauty of Taiwanese orchids together.

Taipei│Orchids and Marketing│2016.09.07

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