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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the official website of Fragrance Aesthetics. Fragrance Aesthetics is run by Singapore AgriGADA Biotech Pte. Ltd. For your reassurance in using all the services and information on this website, below is an account of our privacy policy for safeguarding your interests. Please read carefully.

1. The scope of application
The Privacy Protection Policy regulates how this website handles the identity data collected from your usage of services provided by the website. The policy is neither applicable to other related websites, nor to the third parties which do not participate in the management or entrusted by this website.

2. Collection, processing, and application of personal data

  • When you visit this website or use any features or services offered by this website, you will be asked to provide your personal data depending on the nature of the feature or service. We will process and use your personal data within a certain scope as agreed upon. This website will never use your personal data in any other ways without your written consent.
  • When you use the interactive functions such as the customer service mailbox or any questionnaires, this website will keep in record your name, email address, contact, and the date and time of usage.
  • Once you start browsing this website, the server will automatically keep track of relevant data, such as your IP address, usage time, the browser used, and your browsing and selecting history, so that we can improve our services by referring to the data collected. These records are only for internal use and will never been disclosed to the public.
  • To provide accurate services, we will compile statistics and analyze the responses collected from surveys. The analysis results, be they statistical data or textual descriptions, will be disclosed to the public depending on circumstances. All disclosed contents will reveal no recognizable information of any particular individual.

3. Protection of information

  • The hosting server of this website is equipped with information security devices and necessary protective measures such as firewall and anti-virus system, so as to protect the website and your personal information. We adopt a series of strict protective measures to ensure that only authorized parties have access to your personal data. All relevant personnel are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, violators of which will be subject to corresponding legal punishments.
  • In case that third-party agencies need to be entrusted to provide certain services due to business requirements, this website will demand the third parties to adhere to their confidentiality obligations. If necessary, inspection will be conducted to ensure that no violation occurs.

4. Links to external websites
This website provides links for you to connect to other external websites. You may choose enter other websites via the links provided by this website. However, this website’s privacy policy is not applicable to those external websites. Please refer to the privacy policies respectively announced by those websites.

5. Policy on personal information shared by third parties
This website will never give, exchange, lease, or sell your personal information to any other person, group, private company, or PR institution. There will be some exceptions grounded on legal bases or contract obligations, which include but are not limited to the circumstances which are:

  • With your written consent.
  • As expressly stated in legal provisions.
  • To exempt you from risks in terms of life, body, freedom, and property.
  • For cooperation with government institutions and academic institutes out of the necessity of collecting statistics for promoting the public good and of academic research, with the proviso that the provider must process the information beforehand or the collector must adhere to the disclosure conditions as specified in order to ensure that the information give no access to identifying the information owner.
  • Of imperative to disclose your personal information to the website governance agency as it authorizes, in order to identify, contact, and take legal action on you, in the event that your activities on the website involve violating our service terms and conditions, damaging the interests of other website users, or causing harm to others.
  • To your benefits.
  • When this website entrusts a third party to help collect, process, or utilize your personal information, this website will take the responsibility to supervise and to manage the entrusted company or individual.

6. Use of Cookies
To provide you with our optimal services, the website will store and use our cookies. If you don’t want to allow the use of cookies, please set the level of privacy to “high” on your browser. Such setting would then block all cookies but might have a negative impact upon some certain features on the website.

7. Amendment to Privacy Protection Policy
The Privacy Protection Policy of our website is subject to amendment, should circumstances demand. Amended provisions will be announced on the website.