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Membership Rights and Interests

1. Membership upgrade and extension are calculated on a 12-month basis. Reach the target cumulative amount of spending within 12 months after the first purchase to be eligible for membership upgrade and extension.

2. The target cumulative amounts of spending within 12 months for membership upgrade are 900, 5000, 10000 NTD respectively. Enjoy special discounts in the 12 months after upgrade! Cash discounts on purchases.

3. Standard for spending amount accumulation: all spending amounts of every successful purchase are eligible for accumulation.

4. The spending amounts used to reach the target for membership upgrade are not to be counted into the target spending amount for membership extension.

5. Membership discounts are stackable with gift vouchers.

6. Membership Upgrade Method: the system will automatically update membership grades every day in the early morning.

7. If you cannot sign up or login in our membership system, you will not be able to cumulate spending amounts and upgrade your membership to enjoy special discounts.

8. Please enter your information correctly during registration to protect your member rights and interests.

9. If both in-store sales discounts and membership discounts are available, members are advised to choose the more favorable one. The two are not to be stackable.

10. All members’ agreement on their purchasing behaviors should be based on the electronic trading information as indicated on our website. Should any dispute arise, the electronic trading information will stand as the standard source of evidence.

11. To protect your interests, never give or transfer your account and password to any third party. Fragrance Aesthetics shall take no concomitant responsibility in case of any loss or legal liability resulting from voluntary leakage of account information. Should you notice any abnormal account activities suspicious of hacking, illegal access, or hostile cyber-attacks, please contact our customer service immediately.

12. Fragrance Aesthetics reserves the right to modify and terminate member rights and interests without giving any further notice, should circumstances demand.