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Our Mission

Nature itself is the best physician!
Fragrance Aesthetics is devoted to get the best out of agricultural technology for the benefit of humanity. We provide a vast selection of natural, high-tech, and high-quality products at reasonable prices for consumers who value fitness and health maintenance.

Nature is the primary source of delightful life.
"Fragrance Aesthetics" is a dietary brand that advocates the health of body, mind and soul. It begins with conceptual natural fragrance and aromatic sources, harmonizing the aesthetics to provide excellence in quality and taste for living-being.

An Innovator provides purity and nature food sources for healthy diet.
A team constructed with experts in Agriculture, Nutrition, Food Sciences and Pharmaceutics from worldwide, integrating the research results from distinguished academics striving to deliver the excellence of technology in preserving essential nutrition for food technology.

Our Design Concept

Fragrance Aesthetics’ visual and packaging design incorporates the Eastern aesthetics to convey the brand’s defining spirits of restraint, aplomb, and excellence.

A carefree butterfly perches on the fresh green leaf, savoring the fragrance and sweetness of nature. Let nature heal and nourish, returning our mind and body to the vigorous beauty of primordiality.

“San Shen Ba Fu” Fine Tea Collection

The story of San Shen Ba Fu
Oriental philosophy believes that nature is a gift from the lords. Our innovative tea products are meticulously blended and principled to respect the marvelous Mother Nature. Our “San Shen Ba Fu” Tea Collection Gift Set consists of 11 various tea bags that may enhance wellness, nourishing inner “qi” ...(more)