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Cold brew tea is trending

Coldbrew tea slowly brews tea in cool temperature. It showcases unique aroma andreal tastes of tea. Cold brew produces minimal caffeine but highlights thenatural smooth flavor. It is so refreshing, but without problemsof sleep disorders

§ Preparations
1. Your favorite tea bag
. A reusable bottle
3.Water at room temperature(300~500ml)

§ Steps
Step 1. Put the teabag in the bottle; pour 300~400ml of room temperature
Step 2. Cool down in refrigeration for 4 to 8 hours
Step3. Remove the tea bag

§ Note
● To keep the freshness of the cold brew tea, it'srecommended to consume within 24 hours after cold-brewing.
If the tea is placedin room temperature, it's recommended to consume within 4 hours.
 Taste is subjective and personal - make adjustments ofamount of water that best suit your flavor preferences.

§ Tea Selections: Red AgateOolong, Honey Scented Black Tea, Jasmine Black Tea, Antrodia Cinnamonea DongDing Oolong Tea, and Pomelo Oolong Tea