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“San Shen Ba Fu” Fine Tea Collection

The story of San Shen Ba Fu

Oriental philosophy believes that nature is a gift from the lords. Our innovative tea products are meticulously blended and principled to respect the marvelous Mother Nature.
Our  "San Shen Ba Fu" Tea Collection Gift Set consists of 11 various tea bags that may enhance wellness, nourishing inner "qi"and inspiring the beauty in and out.
Each tea metaphors differently of blessings from lords; also represents eight fundamental principles of reality from Taoist Cosmology of "Bagua"(Octagon Trigrams).


Fu, Lu, and Shou

"Fu, Lu, and Shou" are the three lord administer the fortune, prosperity and longevity in Chinese mythology.

Honey Scented Black Tea, Jamine Black Tea, Red Agate Oolong Tea



"Eight immortals" brings luck from all directions.

In Chinese mythology, the Eight Immortals represented 8 positions, which are male, female, elder, child, poverty, low-leveled, rich, noble, showing that all are equal to attain immortality.

The "Bagua" (Octagon Trigrams) symbolizes the circled dynamic life force of all living-being in the universe.

Category: Pomelo Oolong Tea, Antrodia cinnamonea Tzen Oolong Tea, Echinacea Herbal Tea, Roselle Rose Herbal Tea, Longan Buckwheat Herbal Tea, Blue Rose Herbal Tea, Verbena Violet Herbal Tea.